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Diamond, as one of the most special materials in natural world, is featured with the highest hardness, low friction coefficient, high elasticity modulus, high thermal conductivity, high insulation class, wide energy gap, great sound propagation rate and favorable chemical stability, which are presented in Table 1. In spite of such unique features, the natural diamond has always been existed in the form of gem, with its variability and rareness sharply limiting its application. Diamond film, on the other hand, integrates such physical and chemical properties, with lower cost than natural diamond and applicable to be made into various shapes, thus enjoying extensive application prospect in electronic industry, optical field and mechanical industry.

High hardness(ca.90Gpa)and   wear-resisting performance

High volume modulus(1.2×1012N•m-2)

Low compression   ratio (8.3×1013m2 •N-1)

Highest   thermal conductivity in room(2×1013W(m•K)-1)

Extremely low thermal expansion coefficient (1×10-6K)

High transmission   in every wave band both infrared and far infrared

High rate of   sound conduction (17.5km•s-1)

Good insulation property (Resistivity in the room(ca. 1016Ω•cm))

It   can be a semiconductor material after doping

Extremely wide   width( 5.4eV)

Good chemical   inertness and biocompatibility

Some crystal   surface shows low or negative electron affinity