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Single crystal diamond
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Industrial synthetic single crystal diamond - tool level

CVD single crystal diamond is manufactured by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition. With good wear resistance, thermal conductivity and compressive resistance, high hardness and strength, low friction coefficient, excellent corrosion resistance and chemical stability, it can be sharpened into very sharp blade, and it is considered to be the most ideal ultra-precision cutting tool material, which occupies an important position and is widely used in the mechanical processing field especially the ultraprecise processing field.

Features: Used in ultraprecise cutting tools, especially processing non-ferrous metal materials, such as aluminum (alloy), copper, high polymer materials (MMCs), carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFPs) Parts surface can be the mirror effect, and its surface roughness can reach below Ra-0.1μm.

Product detail parameters


CVD   Cutting Tools AplicationCVD Cutting Tools   Advantage
1.Ceramic/WC Block & Sintering body1.Long operating life
2.Graphite/Carbon Blocka)Low cost for one piece
3.Plastic and composit materialb)Less time for change the tools
4.Glass fibre strengthen materialc)Less stock
5.Epoxy Resins2.Fast cutting speed
6.Rubber and Plastica)Big capacity
7.Melamineb)Less investment cost of machine
8.Wooden materials3.Deep high cut:short cutting time
9.Nonferrous alloy4.Low shearing force
a)Aluminium/Alpaxa)Incision relatively neat
b)MMC,Metal/Kevlarb)No burn workpiece
c)Aldaryc)Less powder
d)Lead alloy5.High precision:good quality of workpiece

6.Non stick knives:can mirror surface treatment

7.Dry Cutting

A)Green industry

2)Low cost for enviromental protection

8.Erosion resisting

a):can be processed to corrosive workpiece

9.Disposable:Needn't sharpen