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Polycrystalline diamond
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Film for loudspeaker of high-pitched megaphone

CVD diamond has high elastic modulus and relatively low mass density, and it is the material with fastest acoustic transmission, the longitudinal wave velocity is up to 18000 m/s, which is more than three times of common diaphragm materials Al, Ti, so it is an ideal material for making Hi-Fi acoustic devices. However, the application of Be is greatly limited due to its toxicity although its acoustic transmission velocity is also not low.

Loudspeakers of 26mm in diameter with diaphragm made of CVD diamond is up to 70kHz, more than 2 times of Al, and 40% higher than that of Be.

Main features: High frequency of the crossover diaphragm, small total harmonic distortion, high power capacity.It is mainly suitable for producing high-pitched loudspeakers.