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Polycrystalline diamond
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CVD industrial synthetic diamond compact

CVD industrial synthetic diamond compact is the diamond thick film without substrate with thickness of 1.0 mm or more, being cut into a certain shape of small pieces according to the need, and welded on the hard alloy to form composite blade. Because it has no metal bond, with low impurity content, purity of close to 100%, and hardness and thermal conductivity of higher than that of PCD, as well as smaller friction coefficient, better chemical stability, higher cutting speed can be used compared with the PCD cutting tool, therefore, CVD tool is considered to be the ideal tool material in non-ferrous materials processing industries, such as processing of aluminum, silicon aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, graphite and various reinforced glass fiber and carbon fiber structure materials, etc.
CVD diamond compact cutting tool has stable hardness and high wear resistance, and its service life is 2 to 10 times of that of PCD cutting tool (see attached list).
Thickness of CVD diamond films can be made of 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm, it can be made into a variety of milling cutter.
CVD diamond film is polycrystalline pure diamond, which does not contain any adhesive or react with any material under 800 ℃ in air. Cutting tools made of it will be wear-resisting with sharp edge, very small cutting resistance, and high machining accuracy.
CVD diamond film has super high thermal conductivity, which greatly ensures the heat dissipation of tools and work pieces in the process of machining, so that the cutting temperature can be dropped to the lowest.