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Luoyang Yuxin diamond Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Yuxin diamond Co., Ltd.

Luoyang Yuxin Diamond Co., Ltd. is a processing trade enterprise which has the most complete product types of CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) industrial synthetic diamond in the Chinese market currently. From its establishment, the company products have been widely used and formed market in the fields such as aerospace, optical window, cutting tools, wear parts, heat sink, biological medicine, sewage treatment, stone jewelry, etc.

To strictly control the product quality is our core competitiveness. We carry out the whole process supervision and strive for perfection in each link from the product growth technics, product inspection, packaging, to efficient arrival, and we obtain general recognition and high evaluation by the domestic and foreign enterprises and users.

Luoyang Yuxin Diamond commits to the development of the synthetic diamond industry, and persists in order to protect the earth's environment and promote more efficient performance!

Make business by improvement, and win by quality!