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Nanometer super-hard coating

With the emergence of new processing materials and the development of high speed cutting technology, the cutting process demands more stringently on the cutting tools. However, the traditional materials such as hard alloy, high speed steel cutting tools are difficult to meet the application demand. As a wear-resisting antifriction protective layer, the super-hard coating is widely recognized for its application in ordinary cutting tools. The nanometer super-hard coating has high hardness, high elastic modulus, high thermal conductivity, excellent chemical stability, etc., which improves greatly the service efficiency of the cutting tools, it has prominent performance advantages especially on the cutting tools for difficult-to-machine materials such as high silicon aluminum alloy, carbon fiber composite materials, PCB printed circuit board.
Our company adopts the advanced chemical technology from the United States, provides high quality nano-coating with nice adhesion improving the abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance, and reducing friction.
Coating scope: Tin, Tic, Corn, AlTiN, TiCrN, CrNC, DLC.