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Single crystal diamond
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Artificial synthetic diamond

With the improvement of CVD synthesis technology, through the adoption of gas raw material (hydrogen, methane), we get the completely transparent and colorless large size diamond single crystal under less than one air pressure, the temperature of 800-1200 ℃ by epitaxial growth way (growth way/as shown in Figure 1), its composition, hardness, density, etc. are basically identical with natural diamond, but the price is much lower than that of natural diamond; different from the method of high temperature and high pressure (HTHP), CVD artificial synthetic technique does not need to use the catalyst, and puts an end to forming metal inclusions, cracks, holes, etc. in the production.

Features: After polishing, the clarity is commonly VVS and above level, color chromaticity of D-J.

We can provide raw diamond at carat level.